Level 3. Progress.

The objective of this course is to learn and assimilate basic techniques to realize the auto-rescue maneuver: the greenland roll. Not only the experienced participants, but everyone is invited to try and play with a kayak in the water.

In the inuit tradition, children learn this auto-rescue exercise while playing, even before they learn how to paddle and navigate on a kayak.

  • Description

    Course offered in calm waters for better realization of exercises within and outside the water.

    We will impart basic techniques to carry out the standard greenland roll, plus basic exercises and stretching to develop every move in different kinds of greenland roll. The main objective of this course is to enjoy the greenland rescue as a game and not only as an advanced rescue technique.

    This practice provides those who master it a bigger confidence when navigating.

  • Requirements

    – It is not necessary to have previous experience.
    – Be able to swim.

  • Equipment

    – Comfortable clothes.
    – Swimsuit and a T-shirt.
    – Nautical sandals (not flip flops) or escarpines/neoprene boots (if you don’t have any of those, your old trainers will work).

  • Duration

    4 hours

  • 85 €

  • Material

    We provide the participants the following material:
    – Zegul Arrow Play or Arrow Nuka Kayak.
    – Werner Camano (or greenland) Paddle.
    – Astral V-Tour life jacket.
    – Waterproof bag.
    – Bilge pump.

Check  availability, we will adapt to your dates.