Karetta expedition. Get connected to nature.

4 days / 3 nights

From 555 €

overnight equipment, homemade food and water included

*655 € p/p on July and August 2024 expeditions

Karetta expedition.

Get connected 4 days to nature.

Escape and explore the unspoiled nature of Menorca in a kayak. Two different coasts, separated into two different trips.

Depending on the wind forecast and the state of the sea, the north coast, south coast, or a mix of the two is carried out.

You can come without previous experience. You only need an acceptable physical condition and know how to swim. You will have previous technical and safety instruction.

Don’t worry about buying and cooking, we do it for you.

We bring the navigation, overnight material and food utensils…and the snorkel mask!

  • Description

    The aim of this route is to navigate along one of the coasts of Menorca and experience the authentic spirit of exploration in a sea kayak.

    The north coast has a unique landscape in the Balearic islands, rich in contrasts, where we will feel nature in all its splendor and live a real sensation of freedom on the kayak. There is an abrupt and changing relief with low vegetation adapted and marked by the prevailing wind of north. An ancient geology has created over thousands of years many unique beaches with sand of different thickness and shades of gray, ocher, red and orange.

    The south coast has a paradisiac landscape with valleys and gorges with lush mediterranean vegetation. Stunning calcareous cliffs and white sandstones alongside with beaches and coves of white sand and turquoise waters. Along the route there are hidden many caves of diverse dimensions, sculpted by the sea and the wind. Some of them are not easily accessible and only a kayak will allow us get into their interior.

    We will stay overnight in different beaches during the expedition. Karetta’s team will provide the group all the groceries and the logistic support needed to complete the expedition successfully.

  • Navigation equipment

    We provide:

    – Fully equipped kayak ( ZEGUL KAYAKS )
    – Life jacket ( ASTRAL )
    – Spray skirt ( REED )
    – Paddle ( WERNER CAMANO )
    – 2 waterproof bags for personal material.
    – Overnight equipment for the group ( MSR tarps )
    – Inflatable sleeping mat ( THERMAREST )
    – Homemade  food prepared by our guides and water included.

  • From 555 €

    *655 € p/p on expeditions on July and August of 2024

  • Duration

    4 days / 3 nights

  • Requirements

    – It is required to be in shape and to be able to swim.
    – It is recommended to have previous experience in sea kayaking.
    – 4 to 5 hours paddling per day.
    – At the beginning of this activity we will impart basic notions of paddling and secure navigation.

  • Detailed information

    Upon reservation of this activity you will receive details of the recommended and necessary material in addition to documentation of general interest about the expedition.

  • Benefits

    To find out the benefits you’re getting from an expedition with Karetta, click the button below and view the document, it contains  information referred to the material and everything that we bring to your experience.

  • Equipment

    What to wear:

    – Sleeping bag.
    – Personal clothes.
    – Navigation clothes.
    – A cap, sunglasses and sunscreen.


Check the schedule of scheduled routes.

Contact us if the dates you are looking for do not have any expedition marked and you want to organize one.

Why choosing us.

We believe that exploring the coastline by kayak and discovering the best places in Menorca is an unforgettable experience for anyone who wants to venture into a different activity and contribute more value to their trip.

Our purpose is to accompany you to make this journey in the safest and most convenient possible way, offering a high level personalized service.

For this reason, we provide you with the companion and knowledge of the most experienced guides, an optimal and lightweight navigation material, plus everything you need so you do not have to worry about anything and live this spectacular journey  as comfortable as possible.

Other experiences.  Don’t let them tell you. 

  • If you walk alone you will go faster,
    if you walk together, you will go farther.

    Chinese proverb

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