Pregondó route

Pregondó route

1 day

  • Description

    Do you want to discover the north coast? Make it real with Karetta.

    The aim of this passage is to discover one of the most beautiful areas of the north coast of Menorca and enjoy one day paddling on a sea kayak.
    We will start from the port of Sanitja and will navigate through the marine reserve. We will visit the beaches of Cavalleria, of red and ochre shades, Binimel·la and its secret coves and Pregonda with its characteristic islands of unique geology while we explore one of the most virgin stretches of the island’s coast.

    We will also enjoy snorkeling to observe the seabed in one of the most privileged environments of Menorca.

  • Duration

    6 hours round trip

  • Requirements

    – It is necessary to be able to swim.
    – It is not necessary to have previous experience in sea kayaking.
    – At the beginning of this activity we will impart basic notions of paddling and secure navigation.
    – The minimum number of people enrolled to carry out this expedition is two.
    – The minimum age to participate is 14 years.

  • Equipment

    What to wear:
    – Navigation clothes.
    – A cap, sunglasses and sunscreen.
    – Aqua shoes.

    We provide:
    – Fully equipped kayak.
    – Life jacket.
    – Spray skirt.
    – Paddle.
    – Waterproof bag for personal material.
    – Snorkel mask.
    – Supplies: drink, fruit and a snack.

  • Cost

    € 78

  • More information

    Upon reservation of this activity you will receive details of the recommended and necessary material in addition to documentation of general interest about the expedition.

You can check the calendar of scheduled routes and the availability of places in all of them.

Contact us if you wish to organize an expedition on specific dates that are not marked in our agenda. The minimum number of participants in each route is two people.

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